Blackburn Outdoor Apparel Clothing Company
Outdoor and hunting t shirts

Our Goals

Blackburn Company is an apparel company built on the dream of making quality clothing for outdoorsmen and women alike; that is unparalleled in quality and style with designs inspired by the outdoors. Whether you are a hiker, mountain climber, mountain biker, bush crafter, hunter, angler or fishermen, it is our dream to provide you with great fitting apparel that you will be proud to wear while looking and feeling your best. It is important that our customers know just how dedicated we are to them and the outdoors. We live breathe and dream in the outdoors and we like to think it shows in our products.


We are proud supporters of The California Deer Association (CDA), Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), Sheep Foundation, Safari Club International (SCI), and The Public Land Foundation (PLF), because we believe our public lands should remain that way, public. Hunters and outdoorsmen are conservationists and are all responsible for making sure that the wild remains just that, wild, as well as the animals that live within. This can only be done through being aggressive in making sure our animal populations remain healthy through habitat restoration and conservation. After all, in America every person is a public land owner.

Our Growth

We will soon be coming out with our first winter wear line of clothes for men, and shortly after we will be expanding to women’s wear. Our growth also plans to take a step in the direction of fitness. We believe that the outdoors and fitness go hand and hand. We would like to create a line of versatile affordable clothing for trail runners, gym goers, cross fitters and hikers alike.