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One More Ridge Merino Wool Sock

One More Ridge Merino Wool Sock

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Size: 10-13

We believe we have made the perfect Merino Wool Sock right here in the USA, and we have done it for a better price than the competition.

It is moisture-wicking, insulating, temperature-regulating, odor-resistant, breathable and finally the perfect amount of elasticity.

We have created this sock to go the extra mile, One more ridge, outlast the day no matter what that entails. How do we do this? We believer we have found the perfect blend of materials to create the best marino wool sock on the market. We do this by making the sock thicker and more durable in all the right places while making the sock more breathable in the areas of low stress to help your foot better regulate heat. This sock is perfect for hunting, hiking or hard days work. All the benefits of marino wool without the downsides.


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